The Education

General / 26 August 2018

Over the last few months I have been interviewing for my first job in the games industry. I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing with and doing art tests for Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch Productions, Bluepoint Games and Hi-Rez Studios. These tests and interviews have opened my eyes to what is expected in the industry and what I have left to learn. 

That being said, it seems like now is the best time to go back to school and I will be doing so starting Monday. In San Antonio, TX. At the University of the Incarnate Word. I am excited to learn from the faculty and the students. And, uh, teach them as well. 

Monday starts my stint as a Visiting Instructor in Hard Surface and Environment Modeling at UIW's 3D Animation and Game Design program. I am beyond honored to be chosen for this position. I am excited for what kind of artist I will be after this academic year. 

As a recent grad myself, I will be the voice of guidance that I wish I had over the past two years of self teaching. I am ready for the challenge and am humbled by the responsibility. But I'm not quite sure how I'll react to being called "Professor."