The Education

General / 26 août 2018

Over the last few months I have been interviewing for my first job in the games industry. I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing with and doing art tests for Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch Productions, Bluepoint Games and Hi-Rez Studios. These tests and interviews have opened my eyes to what is expected in the industry and what I have left to learn. 

That being said, it seems like now is the best time to go back to school and I will be doing so starting Monday. In San Antonio, TX. At the University of the Incarnate Word. I am excited to learn from the faculty and the students. And, uh, teach them as well. 

Monday starts my stint as a Visiting Instructor in Hard Surface and Environment Modeling at UIW's 3D Animation and Game Design program. I am beyond honored to be chosen for this position. I am excited for what kind of artist I will be after this academic year. 

As a recent grad myself, I will be the voice of guidance that I wish I had over the past two years of self teaching. I am ready for the challenge and am humbled by the responsibility. But I'm not quite sure how I'll react to being called "Professor."

The First One

General / 26 avril 2018

Hey, everyone!

What better way to initiate a blog than to reference old work? I just transferred everything from college and the year or so after to ArtStation. I had a Squarespace website that was about to renew and I realized that I never really use it anymore. I get much more traffic here and thought that that old stuff could find a home here as well.

This was borne out of the desire to have everything consolidated and neat but I ran into some issues. My fine art has become a sort of compressed version of my old website. Rather than give everything its own project, I thought that one per discipline made more sense. This doesn't at all reflect the copious amount of trial and error I experienced with each piece or how I grew as an artist since and with them. Take these, instead, as references to what I have done and what I hope to get back to soon.

Is this stuff displayed horribly? Should certain things have their own project? Does this stuff belong on here at all? Please feel free to check out some these relics of the past, including some early 3D and game art work and leave comments, critique and advice. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading. 

Brett Marshall Tucker